Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I have recieved a blog award

I have received this award from the lovely Chris and you have to do the following things:

Thank the sender for nominating you.
Make sure you link to the person that nominated you.
Nominate 7 creative bloggers
Copy the logo onto your blog.
List 7 interesting things about yourself.
Post links to their blog
Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination

Ok so here goes with the seven things about me ( not sure you will find them interesting lol)
I cant sing if I am in church I have to mime, I am really that bad.
I am a rare blood group and have to carry a card with me at all times.
I had plastic surgery on my face when I was 13 because of a accident.
If you had asked my mum when I was 25 if I would have children she would have said no way but here I am with 3 and would not be without them for the world now.
I hate bare feet and have to wear slippers in the house.
I love guinea pigs but I am allergic to them.
I have danced with Norman Wisdom and served a meal to Princess Anne.

I am passing the award on to
Love all your blogs and find you all very inspiring.


SemSee said...

Aw Louise! You are so sweet! Thank you so much hun. I will pop it up onto my blog later this morning! Big hugs, Sem x

Squirrel x said...

Oh you sweetie! Thanks hun for thinking of me, that's made my day, bless ya. Love your blog too, you are a star. Hugs, Squirrel xx

Crafty Dawn said...

Awh hunny thanx so much this has reminded me some one gave me an award I forgot to put it up (so bad of me) I will do this later so I don't forget thnk you it's an honor when some one take tohe time to visit and nominate big hugs hunny

Love Dawn xx

every time i see the photo with the little doggy with the cussion paper on his/her nose makes me smile SO cute!

chris said...

can't wait to ask you about dancing with Norman wisdom.
Love Chris xx
Hope yesterday went well.

POPPET said...

Thank you so much honey for thinking of me, i shall add it a bit later, hugs pops x x x

brenda said...

Snap with the voice Louise, do you know mine is that bad that when I was young, every year at the Church carol service I was not allowed to sing and had to read poetry instead.

Great news about you know what. Will be great seeing more of you.

B x

Donna said...

Hi Louise, thank you so much for thinking of me with this award, you are so kind and I am honoured! LOL at you dancing with Norman Wisdom...how cool is that lol! :) Donna x

Georgia said...

Congrats on your award Louise - thanks for sharing your facts, I loved reading them, and I can identify with the church singing one, lol! Have a nice weekend. :)
Love, Georgia xx

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