Friday, 27 February 2009

I love owls

I have got a bit of a thing about owls and made this card a while ago and have kept it rather than sending it to anyone, the owl is from the Happily ever after cartridge for the cricut and I have used it a lot. I have no idea why I love owls but a couple of weeks ago my hubby got me a bag and other bits from paperchase with owls, and they do seem to be appearing a lot in crafts at the moment.

On a different note I am having to spend tomorrow morning sorting out the garage due to the fact my husband has been given a ride on lawn mower and it needs to be put away. I have had to stand outside today in the cold to look at it and listen to it going, to me it looks like a mini tractor that makes a lot of noise, but to hubby it is a dream machine and even my 2 teenage boys think it is great and now everyone wants to cut the lawn even though it is not time to,it as got to be a boys and toys thing. So think of me tomorrow trying to battle my way through all the clutter in the garage and the spiders just to home this noise maker.It does make me smile though to think a job that no one usually wants to do as suddenly become the best job.


AuroraDawn said...

Hi Louise,

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Why don't you join us on the swap I'm organising now on ILWS? YOu get some fantastic ideas back ..


mandy said...

i'm liking the black and white cards love the owl x

mandy said...

hope you got the garage sorted your right boys and toys lol x

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